Using Postcards for Branding

When it comes to pro­mo­tion your brand, there are a num­ber of ways to reach cur­rent and poten­tial clients, but out of all of those meth­ods,

When it comes to pro­mot­ing your brand, there are a num­ber of ways to reach cur­rent and poten­tial clients, but out of all of those meth­ods, which one is the per­fect mar­ket­ing tool? This arti­cle out­lines some of the ben­e­fits of using post­cards and how they are the per­fect mar­ket­ing tool when it comes to get­ting your com­pa­ny out there.

1. Post­cards are the per­fect size. Post­cards are small enough to hand out to clients, yet big enough to pro­vide the client with all the infor­ma­tion about your com­pa­ny. The size also allows for you to always have a cou­ple with you. You nev­er know when you may come across a poten­tial client and it’s always good to be pre­pared.

2. Print­ing post­cards is so easy! Post­cards usu­al­ly print dou­ble sided but can also be print­ed sin­gle sided. You can usu­al­ly get more then one on a sheet and there is no extra sta­ples or bind­ing required. A sim­ple process for a big impact.

3. Post­cards can serve more then one pur­pose. Hav­ing a spe­cial or pro­mo­tion? Put it on a post­card and hand it out at events, stores or stick it in with an order. Hav­ing an event? Post­cards can also dou­ble as an invi­ta­tion so your clients are informed and aware.

4. Post­cards help you stay in touch! Noth­ing says stay in touch bet­ter than post­card mar­ket­ing. In fact, you can send a post­card to past cus­tomers to keep them up to date with your prod­uct and ser­vices.

5. Post­cards are the best way to gen­er­ate leads and tar­get accounts for your busi­ness. You’ll find you get more busi­ness than you ever did with social media!

6. When you’re look­ing to add a per­son­al touch, mail­ing a post­card to cus­tomers is a nice way to stand out. Giv­en the cur­rent envi­ron­ment where most com­pa­nies rely heav­i­ly on social media to com­mu­ni­cate and mar­ket, clients will appre­ci­ate the rare “snail mail” invi­ta­tion and will feel quite hon­ored that your busi­ness has gone out of its way to reach them.

No mat­ter the size of your com­pa­ny, oper­at­ing a busi­ness is not always the eas­i­est thing to do. How­ev­er, with the right tools, you’ll do great. Post­cards are a great mar­ket­ing tool to help your brand stand out!

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